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Feng Shui to increase the sales of your shop



A better energy in a shop will make the place more attractive to customers, increase sales and harmony to the persons who happens to be inside the store. Shopping is an emotional experience, and remember: the energy of a shop is already felt before the person decides to enter.

From the outside look at the front door, the store name, the logo, the shop windows and your neighbors. Then ask yourself a question: If I see this shop for the first time, would I enter? According to Feng Shui, the purpose is to create a powerful flow of Chi energy on your entrance. A strong energy flow is created with a clear and strong presence that includes a significant logo, a clean aspect, well lighting, and fresh shop windows decoration, and the use of appropriate colors for the favorable direction of your front door.
Now enter the shop and be careful about where your attention goes. The energy is attracted from the right or the left side? Or, you are not attracted to enter the shop, even if the store is full of beautiful things? The basic concept is the necessity to create routes to make flow the Feng Shui energy. Direct the energy to create an enjoyable experience and guide the customer to explore by himself what you have to offer. Imagine the Chi or another FengShui energy like Water and watch where would be the flow of Water, where it stops instead of flowing smoothly.

Respect the sense of independence and curiosity of your customers. The best shops I have seen, are those which invite me and allows me to explore objects in different ways - touch, feel, look, etc .
We buy on the basis of emotion, and in Feng Shui the definition of emotion is moving energy. Be aware of the environment like air quality, different levels of lighting, music, nice perfumes.
As always, Feng Shui means harmony of energy and your consultant is one who knows the flowing movement of this energy.

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