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Earth, vital element of Feng Shui



Earth is associated with the center of the square of the Lo Shu (8 houses), and the directions of Northeast (Knowledge) and Southwest (Social Relationships and Marriage) and represents the season of the end of summer. Earth bears and welcomes other elements, because Earth is the center, Earth is life and nourishment. It is a solid element, with the ability to absorb, is fertile and fruitful, deep and balancing. Earth embodies the golden center (the golden mean) with the capability to create harmony between the seasons. The energy of the Earth symbolizes the period of the average age of life, for the maturity and stability, strength, preserve and homeland security, that means the whole existence. In this way it is the symbol of the energy stability (native), durability, safety and reliability. The person of Earth element demonstrates reliability and sincerity. He proves succor, may even sacrifice himself. The family tie gives him energy.

Earth element in harmony: equanimity, sincerity, reliability, stability, compassion and affirmation. Earth element in excess: depression, reflection, fanaticism or need of power. As an antidote is advised to weaken the Earth element with a Metal element. Earth element weak: lack of self stimulation and many obsessive thoughts of the past. In this case, the Earth must be strengthened with the Fire and Water.

Northeast - Ken - Knowledge

It means striving to reach a deeper understanding of life. Knowledge is the symbol of contemplation and withdrawal into himself. This is a higher knowledge, such as intuition and wisdom. The influences of the Earth are very powerful. Recommendations: this area should be kept in order to avoid the movable objects. Disorder in this area could cause problems in studies.

Southeast - Kun - Social relationships, marriage

It means curing relationships. It is the emotional exchange between two people, working relationships and business dealings. It is also the symbol of a strong maternal aspect. The part of the body of the Earth person are the spleen and stomach, mouth and muscles. The taste is sweet, the plant is the mature fruit, the form is a rectangular shape, the color ranges from yellow to brown. In the Cycle of the five elements Earth energy reduces the Water, produces Metal, controls the Fire.

Recommendations: Keep in order these areas, remove objects from the past. Disorder in these areas could be reflected in problems of work, study or meditation. Remove objects (paintings, furniture) in relation with the past.

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