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The entry of energies through the front door



The front door of a building is one of the most important elements in the practice of Feng Shui, its orientation should be of benefit. In Feng Shui the front door is also called the "mouth", through which the energy enters and flows more easily in the house , especially when it is transported by the movement of people. A main door used frequently will have more influence on the flow of energy compared to a door rarely used as a large entrance that opens into a wide space that allows the Chi going in and out more easily. This can only be realized, if the entrance is in a favorable position compared to the owner’s (the direction is calculated with the birth date of the person). The main door should never open directly on a staircase that is either falling or rising, because the Chi flees up or down and therefore will not be distributed in the rest of the living environment. In this case, should be installed a barrier between the door and the staircase that hides the scale. Avoid mirrors in front of the front door, which postpones the Chi and hinders any kind of luck to enter the house. The edges, pillars and sharp angles work like poison arrows that hit the door from the inside and as a result will have a negative effect on the inhabitants.


Three or more main doors in a row are not auspicious. A more serious situation when the back door is located directly opposite the entrance. In that case the flow of Chi should be slowed down or even better interrupted, and not let it go out directly through the back door.


A front door that looks directly at a window on the opposite wall. Also in this case the Chi that enters through the door will leave directly from the window without nourishing the space. The windows should be located on the walls on both sides of the main door.

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