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Feng Shui applied to office design




- Increasing the possibilities for greater success in work and within the business
- Creating harmony in the office environment
- Generating good energy for yourself and your employees
- Creating a work environment that supports your power and your success
Feng Shui can create a work environment, where it will be easy to have good concentration and work efficiently. It is possible to favor clear and results-oriented actions. It can increase the efficacy of the methods of management. Your space will be loaded energetically and every person entering, instinctively feels comfortable in your office.

According to Feng Shui the execution of the work and success in business can be increased by avoiding clutter, even keeping order on the desk the energy will change. Is the Chi stucked in disorder also your mind is affected by the blockade caused by the accumulation of messy objects on the table. Decreasing clutter and leaving only the useful things on the desk you will perceive the immediate difference: succeed to work with more effort and concentration.

According to Feng Shui the providing of the work and success in business can increase avoiding clutter, even keeping order on the desk the energy change. However to organize a perfect flow of energy in the place where you practice your business requires a careful analysis of the environment, an intelligent arrangement of furniture and adequate knowledge of how to manage and accommodate the Chi energy.

An example? Do not place the copier near the front door. The temperature of the machine is not recommended because it loads the Chi with heat and causes dispersion.

In case that your office or studio is at home it is important to separate business and personal life. The best solution would be a separate entrance for the study. If possible, use a room near the entrance or at the back door of the house. If the work desk is located in a large space separate it from the rest of the room with a screen or a large plant with no sharp leaves. Even a carpet will have the same effect to mark the office.

The Feng Shui consultant is one who knows the Chi in which you work and live.

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