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Find out your Kua number to connect with the right energy


Yin and Yang

Your personal KUA number is calculated on the base of your date of birth and your gender. This number has a special meaning: The indication of your favorable and unfavorable directions; to get advantage of your positive directions and in the same way to learn to avoid those unfavaourable directions. Be careful not to make mistakes with the direction of the bed: Consider the position of the bed-head, not the direction you face while on bed. An advice on using the the positive space. The KUA number enters into contact with the local and temporal quality of the spaces. In this manner you can find the maximum beneficialspace for your bedroom, your study or sitting room and children's rooms. The choice of colors: Each KUA number represents an element and helps for the right choice of colors. The indications are not only valued to your current home but for all future homes/appartments.

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