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Well-being in the Hotel knowing Feng Shui


Feng Shui hotels
Writing about Feng Shui applied in hotels means inviting you to build an incentive project for presences. (to create incentives for a stay?).
For two reasons: the first, but not the most important one, is that more and more people know Feng Shui and know what it means to live the harmony that arises from its application, a harmony that people want also seek in vacation places.

The second reason is even more evident and important: people without knowing Feng Shui perceive the harmony it generates, they feel that they are in a different environment. We can ask ourselves, in what different way? Feng Shui creates harmony by generating energies whose final result is the balance between the environment and those who live in this environment. Therefore to return to the question: how does anyone who does not know the laws of Feng Shui perceive an environment as different? Perhaps there is only one answer, simply the feeling of well-being.

The correct orientation of the entrance and the arrangement of the external systems, for example the swimming pool and access paths, provide a powerful and harmonious energy that enters the building and flows into all spaces. The location of the reception, a fountain in front and other attributes in the hotel hall create a particular atmosphere of relaxation and pleasantness.

A Feng Shui expert can apply his knownledge when designing or renovating a hotel, as can also intervene on an existing structure. Rooms with the balance of the five elements, the Chi energy that flows in the right directions, the harmonizing colors, every detail designed to dissipate the possible source of energy conflict. The Feng Shui consultant can feel, perhaps before the others, the missing or incomplete feeling of well-being, in a certain sense he is the interpreter of the sensations of those who frequent an environment, and knows how to change these perceptions.

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