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The five vital elements of Feng Shui, water


feng shui elemento metallo

Ancient cities were built along the edges of rivers to facilitate the transport of goods and the flourishing trade that arose was a source of wealth for entire populations. The northern area is attached to the element Water and the North symbolizes career and prosperity. Water is the element of death and rebirth. It is the strongest Yin energy of the five elements. Water is an absolutely passive, receptive, flowing down. It does not have its own dynamic, it can only react. It does not mean that it is weak. Because of this reaction, the water can develop enormous forces, as great disruptive waterfalls. We can survive longer without food but not without water. It quenches thirst, cleans us from outside and inside, we can swim and move in it. It provides the most powerful force on the planet, can be dangerous and overflowing, calm and comprehensive.

Water adapts to any shape, and gives form to the world. Due to its resistance Water is vivifying on one side, on the other side scares. The Water element has to do with the flow of our lives. The flow of thoughts, the search of the depths, the flow of communication. Water also has to do with the darkness, the unexplored areas in ourselves, with our unconscious. Our body is composed of about 75% of water. The Water element is part of all our bodily fluids. Life begins with humidity, growing in the amniotic fluid of our mother and passing the time swimming until our birth. And when we die, we will restore this water to the earth and our body is connected again with the natural cycle of Water.

Water is associated with many sounds: the gurgle of a source, the sound of a waterfall, the flow of a river, the murmur of the eternal sea. As with any other element, the element water brings in connection with the sound. Therefore, ears and listening are associated to Water. All ear anomalies and weakness of hearing or tinnitus belong to this element. In embryology is taught that the kidneys and ears arise from the same cotyledon, so the kidneys as the body are associated with the element Water. The kidneys cleanse our body fluids and save our vital primordial energy.

If a person has a lot of Water energy, is quite sensitive and dreamy, often has a strong need for physical contact and sexuality. However you should always analyze well the case of excess of the Water element, there is the danger of addiction to alcohol or drugs, to fear the risk of falling into depression. The force of these people is not seen, because they are often introverts (Yin energy). The Water during its journey from the source to the sea is likely to be dirtied by the Earth, but it will not stop, because it has a role: to enrich itself with precious minerals (Metal) which are in the earth itself. The minerals which are formed in the Earth that increase the nutrient value of Water which then will be very helpful for the seeds (Wood), which has been hidden in the earth. So the energy of Water has the capacity to make grow from a tiny seed even a giant tree as an oak.

Recommendations: The Water element can harmonize with a black turtle in the North of the house, which is also the symbol of longevity, paintings depicting scenes with water or pleasant sounds. In any case, avoid lasting stress, a disordered life, persistent noise, excessive lighting and situations of fights and aggression (linked to the element Wood), that will weaken the Water element. But above all, keep in order the northern sector of the house, otherwise the career goes up in smoke. In a Feng Shui garden the water is to be found in front of the house, with her back to the house and make sure not to have stagnant water that will make appear the ground unhealthy and will bring bad luck to the inhabitants of the house.

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