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The vital breath of nature is called Chi


feng shui

Everything around us is energy, a universal force that moves the world as confirmed by modern science. In ancient India this energy is called "Prana", in Japan "Ki" and in China "Chi". We ourselves, as the cosmos, we are also composed of energy. In the house, the Chi enters through the front door. If we used the window to enter, the Chi would enter through the window. It is comparable to the vortex of moving trains. The Chi stores information and always follows the person. Sometimes it is also slow (lazy) and prefers to move in a straight way. If a corridor is narrow, the Chi will flow fast as the water in a river; but the faster it is, the stronger it is. Large entrances of the house are very positive, because the Chi can move slowly. If there is a window in front of the main door, the Chi will get out soon. The house will be supplied with little energy.

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