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Fire is a vital element of Feng Shui



Fire burns the Wood and creates ash, Earth. Fire needs to burn something and for this reason it is dependent. It cannot exist by itself. Fire stands for heat and is always moving, you cannot grab it and it is bright, pushing up and does not stop even for a moment. The populations of South areas are known as people with "Fire in the blood". In the South the sun shines long, people experience more Yang energy. Fire is the element with the most Yang energy. It is the symbol of the season of the summer, because the heat is at its maximum, the nights are short and the desire to live is more evident. Internally, there is the feeling of having arrived, everything seems perfect and complete. The Fire also has to do with our spirituality and mysticism, our alignment at the top, that deviate towards the top.

In the house the kitchen is the symbol for this element - more precisely the stove for cooking, boiler, fireplace or oven. Much heat instead reduces the oxygen in a room and weakens the Chi.

The colour of the Fire is red, its flames rise to the top. The people of this element love being in the center of attention and to glitter. They have a lot of charm, are cheerful and bright and have a positive expression and are strong. They need the public to shine, as the characteristic of Fire is burning. They spread beauty, brilliance and are warm and have a lot of visions for the future, they are thinkers, always in moving and have many projects, which often are not able to realize. A person of the Fire expects the same energy of the other side (his opposite). Every now and then its volatility hinders the enjoyment of his success, because before arriving at the aim, is already out of his passion, and pushes him in another direction. It is an athletic person, articulated, talks a lot and sometimes is unscrupulous, and it wants to arrive at the top at any price.

The organ assigned to the Fire is the heart. It is the absolute center of our body and therefore necessary (vital).

Too much Fire leads to stress, to concerns, which lead to an imbalance of the heart.

Recommendations: Keep in order this area, remove the clutter that may reflect problems on work on the problems (lack of fame , bankruptcy). This has to be applied to all environments: home, office or desk.

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