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Feng means litterally: "Wind" and Shui means "Water" are considered to be the principle elements of the universe. These elements are the base of all existent forms (human, animal and vegetable). Feng Shui redirects, collects water, which symbolizes wealth and it protects us from bad "Wind".
Feng Shui is a subtle science, which grew out of Taoism 4000 years ago. This dynamic science was developed  by the process of creating the earth, or life. The science of Feng Shui considers energetic influences from our immediate environment (landscapes, buildings, houses, spaces) and tries very much to increase the positive energetic influences and correct or stop the negative forces so that we will be able to achieve health, wealth and fortune. Feng Shui does not consist only of  improving the aspects of our life, but also helps us  to understand ourselfes as well as our environment, the  universe and the earth.

The different methods and systems helps us to create harmonic  junction points  in any space between the Chi (energy) related to heaven, earth and human beings

If a home or a building succeeds in integrating well into its surrounding landscape, good Feng Shui will be welcome and health, wealth and fortune will be introduced.

There is yin and yang in the principle of everything. The key to good Feng Shui lies in balancing yin and yang and harmonizing the 5 elements. The sun is Yang, the moon is Yin, summer is Yin and winter is Yang, time is Yang and space is Yin. Father is light and Yang and mother is shadow and Yin.
That means yin and yang are relative and depend upon comparison. Your house has Yin and Yang areas too. Your bedroom  is a Yin place where you relax compared to your livng room is Yang where guests are entertained.

Does the house where we are living makes us feel well and comfortable?

The house should be the place where body and mind relax and recharge. If these functions are fullfilled, everything is fullfilled.
Besides the historical significance, Feng Shui could be called a science, or if you like an art capable of harmonizing  the energies in your environment, which allows the inhabitants to live in it with wealth, health and good luck.

We should not limit the Feng Shui only to houses. Instead a very important place where most people spend nearly the whole day communicating, is the office or a shop. To work efficiently and with concentration requires a supportive environment which can be created by a good interior design.

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