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Wood is one of the five vital elements of Feng Shui



Wood generates Fire (combustion), reduces the Water, controls Earth (roots) and is destroyed by Metal (sawing Wood).

There are two types of Wood; Wood of East and Southeast.

In the East the sun rises so the Wood is the energy of growth and corresponds to the creation, nutrition, at the beginning of life. The vitality and creativity are the spring and the plants shoot out of the earth and all of a sudden turns green. The Wood element includes all trees and plants, wooden objects and the colour green. Wood acts as an energy rising. Without growth there is no life, and with the Wood element every year a new cycle begins. The Wood is the symbol of the season of spring, because nature is beginning a new cycle, everything is growing. If we look at the nature of these days, we will meet the Wood energy in a wonderful way. Everything is on the germination and growth, every day, new sheets and colors for every day, the sun is increasing its intensity, taking energy Yang.

The Wood element has a lot to do with seduction and romance.

Creativity, self-expression, vitality and growth are all related to the Wood element and is comparable to a network. Just like the roots spread under the earth if Wood grows, it is the quality of people to find creativity, interaction and vivacity for finding the best solutions to problems. In the Chinese calendar, the year begins with the spring, not like us in the middle of winter. It is the time after the winter, when life awakens and the life force, the Yang energy again is bursting. It is the time after the darkest night, early morning, when the sun rises and the birds start chirping.

In life it is the time for young children, an uncontrolled lust for life and an unstoppable movement and the desire to explore. Life moves from inside to outside, people come out, they stay outside of their homes, laugh and communicate with fun.

The love of life and procreation desire in nature are stronger, increasing creativity, self-expression, vitality and growth. Even the desire to develop and the ability to make new projects, the willingness to fight to realize their objectives are growing.

It is also the quality of the inner child, the unbridled creativity and the increasing growth which cause this activity, but it can also lead to chaos and confusion. A person with a strong Wood element is powerful, athletic, desirous to be happy and full of ideas. Has no difficulty with changing and loves to design and travel, is decided, grounded like a plant, strong but flexible, pliable as a constant growing bamboo. Therefore, it can cause violent reactions if this growth is hindered or the energy is unbalanced. The emotion corresponding to the Wood element is anger, vocal expression is crying and the corresponding parts of the body are muscles and tendons.

If someone has an excess of the Wood element, could be very aggressive and ruthless, inflexible.

Recommendations: Always keep in order the East and South East sectors, otherwise we run the risk of losing the capacity to make decisions and programs. The Metal destroys Wood but important thing is the relationship between the size of objects. A small metal object over a large surface of Wood is balanced in its effect.

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