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The Feng Shui of the elements, the Metal


feng shui elemento metallo

For millions of years Earth produces Metal and all the minerals and salts of the earth. Concerning the human body the Metal element is allocated to the lungs and colon. In life these processes contribute to organization and order as well as to clarity. Metal stands for clarity, precision and power of justice as well as for authority, vision, wealth and abundance; in other words, it is the symbol of money which allows cultivating social relationships and supporting its own family. Often people of the metal element are very precise in their actions and decisions. The part of the body of a Metal person are the large intestine, lung and respiratory system. The metal is associated with the direction of West and North-West and its energy belongs to the autumn.
The Metal corresponds to the principle of structure, resistance, the systematic thinking and clearness. Further more metal energy possesses the qualities of precision, uniformity and moderate classification. Person with right proportion of Metal energy will be a person with inner strength and discipline, and knows how to deal with the authorities. He or she will also be able to take a proper distance and can be recognized as leader, but is absolutely reliable, correct and precise. Who owns too much Metal belongs to the cliché of bureaucrats, with a strict conscientiousness and absolute punctuality. Such a personality will not have an easy approach with others. On principle he is suspicious towards emotional expression and estimation. Every now and then can be a cold, closed and at worst cynical, because is absolutely reliable, correct and precise.

A person with little Metal is often confused, unable to think clearly, is messy, struggles to distinguish, prone to addiction. The deficiency may also cause respiratory diseases. From the psychological point of view these people tend to cling to and are unconsciously rather anxious. As the Earth is related to the role of mother, Metal focuses on the relationship with his father. The paternal principle is the instance in us, that interiorize the personal rules, our sense of duty and gives us a certain rhythm and a healthy discipline. If there are problems with the father, people can being rebel and reject any kind of authority. Disorder, chaos and stress correlated are the consequences.
The season of the element Metal is autumn. The season of farewell, of letting go, as the nature leaves all what has been created. The Metal element corresponds to old age in life. Concerning food, strong spices such as onions, leeks, ginger, etc. are in relation to the changing phase of the Metal element, as well as rice, daikon and all the rest of white color.

In the Ba Zhai system (8 houses) the Metal element strengthens the sector of Children and Friends. When you try to improve your spaces, do not lose sight of the global vision. Feng Shui creates a balance in all things, including the elements.


Direction: West and Northwest
Number: 6/7
I Ging: DUI (6), Qian (7)
Ba Gua: important friends, mentors
Family member: father, youngest daughter
Shapes: Round
Season / time of day: fall / late afternoon
Climatic factor: drought
Phase of life: old age
Development stages: establish and join
Plants: collection
Animal: Tiger
Taste: spicy
Color: white, gray, metallic, gold, silver
Organs: lungs and colon
Layer of body skin
Sense organ: nose
Emotion: sadness, pain, low voice
Expression of the senses: to perceive by touch
Principles: hardness, clarity and sense of justice
Body liquid: secretion of the nose
Smell: pungent
Materials: all metal objects

Metal in relation to the other elements: (processing steps)
Cycle of Creation:
- Metal feeds the water (steam)
- the Earth nourishes Metal (minerals)
Cycle of destruction:
- The Metal destroys Wood (sawing)
- The water corrodes the metal

Advices: Keeping the West and Northwest areas in order and free the areas of all unnecessary items. Bring order in relation with the Metal element. If the house, the desk (in the office) is packed with things (comparable to the colon), your perception will become more and more obscure and confused.

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